Managing complex systems is hard.

So we created engineering collaboration software to manage all your design data, and get out of the way so you can focus on what matters most.

Why is complex engineering hard?

World-changing technology projects require the coordination of diverse subject matter experts, each speaking a different language of technical expertise. The traditional way of synchronizing everyone is via email, presentations, and Interface Control Documents, all human-curated and prone to error.

What kind of engineer are you?

Systems Engineer & Project Manager
Systems Engineer /
Project Manager
Easily manage and organize requirements, verification events, and other engineering data products with our lightweight web-based tool. Embed, share, integrate, and iterate on engineering data as revision-controlled individually accessible data artifacts, easily queryable by our API’s.
Subject Matter Expert, Excel
Subject Matter Expert,
Prefers Excel
Perform early trade studies in ExcelTM and share results with other teams. Robustly keep your data sources and their changes tracked with pinpoint accuracy.
Subject Matter Expert, Prefers Jupyter or Python
Subject Matter Expert,
Prefers Jupyter or Python
Build analysis models and products with your subject matter experts using their existing Jupyter notebooks, leveraging data stored in Prewitt Ridge, and push the results back into our source of truth when done.
Leverage Prewitt Ridge for your next complex engineering project.
Prewitt Ridge Demo

Used in the most demanding situations

Our software is being used at NASA JPL, and is the technology powering NASA and USAF engineering research.
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