Hassle-free requirements management

Build digital threads across your engineering toolsets, weaving them into a digital fabric that runs through every stage of your complex hardware system.

Designed for teams of all sizes, Verve boosts your team's productivity 10x, all while prioritizing data security & regulatory compliance.


ITAR Compliant-Ready

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Say goodbye to fragmented processes
& hello to a cohesive, efficient engineering lifecycle

With an easy-to-implement API, native integrations, automated compliance, and cohesive views, your team will always be synced on the latest data values and product evolutions.

Digital Threads

Get the full story behind your requirements and their technical data values.

Trace their journey throughout the entire engineering lifecycle, from the source documentation all the way to the final Verification and Validation stage. Get a deep understanding of the different tools and documents involved in utilizing these requirements along your full defense engineering processes.

Digital Threads Engineering for Defense
Authoritative Source of Truth Engineering for Defense

Authoritative, Distributed Source of Truth

Store your requirements in ONE centralized, machine-readable location.

Verve seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Office, Google Workplace, and Atlassian products, making it effortless to share these sources of truth while ensuring they are constantly up-to-date. Additionally, our well-documented API allows you to create custom integrations with the support of our highly-skilled engineering team.

Automated Compliance

Streamline your compliance assessments through automation.

Directly integrate requirements specifications from CFR, AFPSCMAN, and any other sources of regulatory requirements into your requirements definition. Say goodbye to manual tracking thanks to Verve's automation features that allow you to track your compliance against these specifications as your system design evolves.

Authoritative Source of Truth Engineering for Defense


Seamless integration with your SysML tool of choice.

Pull requirements directly into your preferred Systems Modeling Tool using one of our native integrations, or simply export your requirements in the standardized ReqIF format.

Supported Integrations

With full API access
SysML Tools
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