Systems Engineering. Evolved.

Managing complex systems is hard; we make it easier by linking your engineering requirements to your engineering tools.

Our systems track what your team is thinking and lets them rapidly iterate on concepts, and not waste time filling out change documentation and attending planning meetings.

Easily manage and organize requirements, verification events, and other engineering data products with our lightweight web-based tool, Verve. Embed, share, integrate, and iterate on engineering data as revision-controlled individually accessible data artifacts, easily queryable by our API’s.


Your Authoritative Source of Truth

Integrations; Integrations; Integrations

The Digital Thread

Verve integrates your requirements and other engineering data artifacts with your engineering tool of choice. Pull requirements into Python, Excel, and other tools quickly and easily.

Jupyter / Python

Build analysis models and products with your subject matter experts using their existing Jupyter notebooks, leveraging data stored in Verve. Push the results back to Verve when done.


Integrate Verve projects with your MBSE tools via import/export into industry standard SysML.

Microsoft Excel

Perform early trade studies in Excel and share results with other teams using Verve. Robustly keep your data sources and their changes tracked with pinpoint accuracy.

Leadership Team

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Steve Massey
CEO / Co-founder

Steve most recently spent 2 years at Slingshot Aerospace, leading their embedded development team in building their real-time analytic pipeline. Previously, he worked at SpaceX in Mission Management working closely with partners throughout the global space industry.

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Charles "Zeke" Brechtel
COO / Co-founder

Zeke worked at SpaceX in Mission Management and Vehicle Engineering. In his roles, Zeke worked closely with NASA, ESA, CNES and the USAF.

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