Engineering Collaboration by Prewitt Ridge

Prewitt Ridge has built Verve, our Engineering Collaboration Environment that eases friction when designing, assessing, or managing complex systems. We establish an inclusive digital engineering workflow that enables streamlined integration of diverse datasets from multiple design systems and tools.
Atomic Data Elements
Link engineering drivers directly into the tools used by engineers. No emails, no multi-hour meetings, no PDF’d slide decks.  

At the core of every requirement or driver in your complex system is a piece of data. “The spacecraft shall weigh less than 100kg” or “The launch vehicle shall safely return to land upright”. Link that atomic data element directly into where it’s used by individual contributors, preventing duplication and stale data.
VERVE for Individual contributors
Work within your preferred tools by accessing technical data without ever leaving Excel, Python, or others. Changes are tracked in unison with other contributing teams, so second and third order impacts are instantly detected and tracked as your system development progresses.
Capture requirements in our authoritative source of truth
Maintain work focus
Integrate data directly into engineering tools
Track behind-the-scenes impacts automatically
Capture and map legacy documents stored as PDFs or other static files
VERVE for Engineering Leaders
Use our powerful dashboards to visualize the impact of one team’s actions on another, and ensure systems and subsystems have received appropriate approvals. Securely control your development with users, subcontractors and vendors with robust Access Control Lists and external data packages and Trusted Working Copies™.
Confidently track system evolution amidst rapid iteration across diverse teams.
Maintain information security with robust and granular Role Based Access Controls for systems and subsystem
Export reports and documents to legacy formats like PDF and MSWord
Use alongside existing MBSE investments with our SysML integration support.
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