Trusted Working Copies

A portable data package and monitoring software

Prewitt Ridge has built Trusted Working Copies™, a portable data package and monitoring software to track changes against those registered via emTRUTH’s APIs and VERVE’s import/export API. Originally created to support the engineers at NASA, its success there has spurred the release of Trusted Working Copies (TWC) for anyone seeking a solution for these engineering challenges.
Trusted Working Copies™
Trusted Working Copies creates a portable engineering data package, leveraging both Prewitt Ridge’s Engineering Collaboration Environment and emTRUTH’s blockchain technology.

This enables multidisciplinary, multi-company and multi-agency teams to design systems using cutting edge systems engineering technologies while also ensuring that model revisions are consistently tracked and verified in a distributed, authoritative manner.
Technology Components
Prewitt Ridge Verve
Systems engineering software. Built for ease of use and seamless transfer of data into subject matter experts. Extensible and MBSE compatible.
Via a secure API, emTRUTH provides traceability in blockchain of any system engineering artifacts of any size and format, controls revisions, permits controlled access and collaboration with external collaborators.
Trusted Working Copy
Consists of both a portable data package and monitoring software to track changes against those registered via emTRUTH’s APIs and Verve’s import/export API
Using a TWC
Develop system as usual using Verve.
Export a subcomponent or subsystem for modification by your external contractor, vendor, or collaborator, by pushing to a TWC. Subsystem is safely bounded and locked within primary system.
External collaborator securely and safely performs needed development.
When done, TWC is checked for conflicting changes, bounds-checked, and re-imported into your project.

Why blockchain and why emTRUTH?

All changes are tracked even after subsystem has left primary team owner.
compliance for Aerospace and Medical applications
API is extensible, and storage platform is data-type agnostic.

Why Prewitt Ridge?

Company founded to create tools for cross-discipline engineering collaboration
Team building systems engineering tools, targeting MBSE compatibility
Owning/building our own tools streamlines development for R&D efforts
Export to trusted working copy
Done within the Verve application.
Action kicks off in the backend to copy data from Verve to emTRUTH
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