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Verve is an ideal Engineering Collaboration Environment that eases friction when designing, assessing, or managing complex systems.

Real-Time Collaboration
& Git-Like Branching / Merging

Real-Time Collaboration
System changes are tracked across multiple users, even while logged in. Modify and collaborate on your system design in real-time.
Git-Like Branching & Merging
Merge flow allows git-like branching and merging operations across entire projects, and it gives individuals the ability to resolve differences between a project's branched state.
Python API
Our Python library includes Verification Statuses that are easy to work with.

Upon request, we have an example Jupyter notebook detailing how your team can retrieve a source requirement, process its atomics, and change verification status of a downstream item - automating a test workflow. Feel free to reach out to our team for details!
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Graph & Table Views

Graph Views
Items and relationships established in the System Editor are represented in the Graph Editor using Verve's new graphic library.

This enables both a SysML v1.6 compatible Requirements view and a simplified "classic" view. Verve's zoom-and-pan library allows teams to visualize large datasets as needed.
Table View
Engineers can use the the familiar view of a sortable table when reviewing their system drivers.
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Easily View Item Status
& All Activity in a Feed

Item Status
All item types have visual status indicators, allowing you to easily see if an item has been approved, if a verification has been verified, or if a requirement needs review and any incomplete verification events.

Status Icons are also reflected in Verve's Verification Matrix dashboard. The icon shown next to a Requirement represents the computed state considering all associated Verification Events. The icon shown next to the Verification Event upon hover represents that specific Verification Event's state.

For more info about the logic behind different status icons, please visit our help section regarding status icons.
Project Recent Activity Feed
Verve's Home Page provides a list of activities that have recently occurred on your project, including comments, edits, and approvals.

The Activity Feed tracks all actions that occur to a Requirement, Verification Event, or other Item type. See who last approved, reviewed, or edited an item or provided comment for feedback - all in one place.
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Approvals, Rejections,
& Review Workflow

Review Process
Requested users are informed of their request for feedback in Verve.

If an item is already approved and a user tries to edit that item in the System Editor, that user will be warned that their action will invalidate previous approvals - automatically indicating to the reviewers the approval was revoked.

All rejected items require comments to ensure thorough communication.
Approval Process
Approvals are requested on entire groups of items.

Users who require peer review & approval select "Send for Review" in the System Editor and select the peers who need to approve the item.

Verve's dedicated approval pane gives users a single place to provide feedback when an approval is requested. A red indicator on the Review option will appear when an approval is requested.
Reject or Abstain
Users can provide feedback when requested on a subset of your system design. They can grant approval, abstain from responding, or decline while providing commentary.

All rejected items require comments to ensure thorough communication.
Lock Item
Lock Item protects key requirements and components from being changed when a team decides they're "done".

This is available via API and for easy toggle and indication for day-to-day customers.
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File Revision History, Easy Spreadsheet Imports, & Searchability

File Uploads, & Historic Data Access
With Verve file uploads, you can view the entire history of revised files uploaded and shared via Verve and track discussions about the changes in the Activity Log.
Spreadsheet Import Wizard
Verve streamlines the import process of a CSV spreadsheet by moving it to our web app. Anytime you create a new project, you'll be asked if you want to upload a spreadsheet.
Search Bar
Quickly jump to an item within your project using the quick search feature.
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