Changelog 9

January 13, 2023

We're thrilled to share significant advances in our vision for connected engineering and combining both Requirements and Digital Thread.  Our latest release brings improvements in user experience and data visualization, and our team has been working behind the scenes to ensure smooth operations for all our customers.

Some key highlights include:

  • We've improved the categorization of items (requirements, verification events, components, and others)
  • Users can better visualize their system structure graphically.
  • Our Jira Datacenter integration has reached a key milestone in its development.

Last email, I mentioned our Confluence integration but only provided a demo video for Google Sheets. You can now see Confluence in action at this link! Let me know your thoughts.

Thank you again for your ongoing support, and please let me know directly if there's anything we can do to help you in your effort of building great products.


Improved: Category Navigation and Filtering


Quickly navigate to see groups of items as set by your project's structure. Jump between L2 Requirements to Analysis Verifications, and share the link to these groups between engineering teams.

System Graph View


We've improved our System Graph View to be filterable and navigable. You can select which kind of relationships you want to display, and clicking on a node will take you to it's page in Verve.

January 13 Release Notes

See below for a detailed list of changes in this release. It's since been rolled out to our existing cloud customers, and has been made available in our delivery repo for our self-hosted customers.

Core Product

  • Item categorization flow implemented. Easier to view categories within table view, and easier to link into categorized views.
  • System Graph View with filtering and navigation
  • Atlassian JIRA (Data Center) internal release

Bugfixes and Technical Debt

  • Cesium UI is loaded asynchronously into a Workshop, which improves performance.
  • Improved how data is stored when capturing engineering input from a Workshop.
  • Moved Administrator table to v2 frontend. (Read Only)
  • Continued security improvement of clusters.
  • Improved the form validation when providing a comment during a review.
  • Added a new dropdown UI base component to our library