Changelog 3

September 14, 2021

Whats New in Verve

We've gotten some great user feedback on three topics over the past few weeks: First, around the discoverability of editing an item within the System Editor. We've refactored this to be less clicks to modify and work with items and their content. Second, we've added in a Table View as to present your system in a row/column format in addition to the primary document tree format. Third, we've improved the graph visualization experience by switching graph providers from SyncFusion to Mermaid. This lets us provide a representation of your requirements in a display compatible with the SysML v1.6 Requirement diagram specification.

Lastly, we've put in significant work on the backend supporting our branching and merging flows. I'm quite excited to go into more detail about this over the next few releases, as we expose more of that functionality in our frontend.

Please forward to interested folks, and be sure to reach out to us directly on how we can make engineering safer and easier for you!


New: Table View


One piece of feedback we've received is how engineers would still like to retain the familiar view of a sortable table when reviewing their system drivers. We've implemented a first pass of this offering a read-only view presenting the various item types and their titles, documents, relationships, and metadata.  

Improved: Graph View, including SysML Requirements Diagram


Items and relationships established in the System Editor are now represented in the Graph Editor using the new graphing library we've chosen. This enables both a SysML v1.6 compatible Requirements view as well as the simplified "classic" view from earlier releases. We're also using a zoom-and-pan library to allow teams to visualize large datasets as needed.  

New: Manage Relationships


We've moved a few options to the ellipsis on the item editor, including "copy link" and "delete item". This release, we've added a new option: Manage Relationships.

This solves a number of issues as reported through user testing. First, the drag-and-drop interface was a little unintuitive when moving around items and due to some technical limitations with the library we couldn't precisely style some of the improvements we desired. We also didn't have a clear way to establish new relationships between items within the system editor. This resolves both of those concerns

The Manage Relationships dialog allows users to map new relationships to multiple items, or remove existing relationships if they're no longer desired.

September 14 Release Notes

See below for a detailed list of changes in this release. It's since been rolled out to our existing cloud customers, as well as made available in our delivery repo for our self-hosted customers.

Most of these updates not otherwise detailed in the above discussion were either technical debt resolution or incremental work supporting the imminent release of our branching and merging feature.

Core Product

  • System Editor Table View
  • SysML v1.6 Requirements View in Graph viewer
  • API endpoint for item search added
  • Added a click-through EULA option to be enabled for some deployments.

Branching and Merging (pre-release)

  • API endpoint for creating a project branch added
  • API endpoint for performing a basic merge between two directly related branches added.
  • Can switch between branches via new Branch select dropdown menu in frontend
  • Added "merged" option to activity log entry statuses.

Bugfixes and Technical Debt

  • Item approval state now defaults to "draft" if there are zero approvals for an item, fixing an earlier bug where they were defaulting to "approved"
  • Significant refactoring of Item Editor
  • Fixed font text color in some Button element instances
  • Shared link previews are more descriptive
  • Docker image and Python dependency updates across all microservices
  • Upgraded security configuration to support TLS v1.3