Changelog 2

August 17, 2021

Whats New in Verve

In our latest changelog, we've included a number of bugfixes on the frontend and backend, as well as a few ease-of-use improvements. Notably, we continue to make Atomics easier to use and this release specifically improves their discoverability when editing items in the System Editor. We've also listened to feedback regarding our Review workflow and will now inform a user in real-time if their feedback has been requested while they are logged in.

Please forward to interested folks, and be sure to reach out to us directly on how we can make engineering safer and easier for you!


Improved: Finding and Using Atomics


We've made it easier to access an existing atomic by turning the atomic listing inside an item into a button which opens the drawer where you can edit and modify.

We've also made it easier to add an atomic to an item by adding @-completion. When editing an item, just type @ and then the name of the atomic you wish to add.

Improved: Real Time Collaboration

review realtime

More actions are wired into the real-time collaboration system. Specifically, if a user is requested to review an item and that user is logged in, they will see a toast on their screen informing them of the request and a notification badge will appear on the Review link, guiding them to the correct spot to provide their feedback.

In addition to real-time reviews, modifications to Atomics and Item Groups will also immediately propagate to other logged in users.

August 17 Release Notes

See below for a detailed list of changes in this release. It's since been rolled out to our existing cloud customers, as well as made available in our delivery repo for our self-hosted customers.


  • Atomic Mentions are now embedded in rich text editor, and accessible using @-mentions
  • Atomic Tags are clickable buttons. When clicked they open the drawer and scroll to the relevant atomic.
  • Excel add-in now indicates when an atomic is approved or changed since last run.

Core Product

  • Significantly more actions are wired into the socket server, allowing for real-time updates on Reviews, Atomics, and Item Groups.
  • Application now remembers which project you were on last when logging in.
  • API call implemented for checking two branches for merge conflicts ahead of performing a merge operation.
  • Copy Link and Delete Item actions are moved to an item-specific dropdown menu, instead as actions within the item editor.

Bugfixes and Technical Debt

  • Root items restyled to look like document headers, instead of full items (they aren't).
  • Fixed issue where a deeplink url would not load the navigation tree in some instances.
  • URL was not updating correctly when switching projects, fixed
  • Title collision check now occurs during item creation.
  • Adding caching for JSON Web Key requests, reducing the amount of queries to the authentication server and speeding up most use cases.
  • Error page styling is improved.